AnnaLynne McCord Tweets Her Nipple – PHOTO

AnnaLynne McCord “accidentally” Tweeted a picture of her nipple. Yes, this is just some crap, filler news to give you a break from news of the star in the East that shot out of Beyonce’s bagina.

The ‘90210’ starlet and Kellan Lutz crotch jockey got her hair did, threw on a necklace, took off her top and Tweeted a picture that "accidentally" showed too much. This is the same chic who makes out with her sister at red carpet events so a little boob doesn't really register on my ESCANDAL-O-Meter.

"This is for you @meganraee You rock!"

Her left nipple was peeking out from the corner of the picture and the fan pointed out the “oops.” McCord removed the pic and replaced it with a cropped version.

Ugh, it is way to early to be looking at this fame hooker's nipples. Click HERE for more pictures…

[Keep Clicking Thumbnails for a Larger Image]

Images Via: Egotastic

AnnaLynne McCord Tweets Her Nipple – PHOTO

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