Are democrats at all concerned that rachel maddow is the new face of their party?

Are you smart enough to realize how subtle & classy her unbiased opinions are?

face of the democrats? uh, what the fvck are you talking about?

Amazing how simple questions from Rachel confuse and anger the right.

She's so brilliant that she bit_h slaps Fox News who is to dumb to notice it.

She's a hell of a lot better than 'classy' and 'unbiased' Republican Ann Coulter. Please get a life!

Smart = Yes. Face = no.

She is cute but damn she got a horrible and hateful attitude.

YOU WATCH FOX RIGHT? well watch her show…is fair….BUT you may not believe this…we are all AMERICANS……SCUM DEM RIGHT?…(sad face) well, GOD BLESS AMERICA JUST THE SAME….that means you too dudedet….

I didn't know she was the face of the Democratic Party, but she is an Oxford educated, extremely intelligent woman. She'd make mincemeat out of Hannity, Limbaugh or whatever other drop out con Baggers get their rocks off too.

I like Rachel Maddow, and agree with many of her comments, but she doesn't speak for me or any other Democrat. we think for ourselves. we don't get all of our opinions from crazies like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

we dont have regimes in democracy, there are no prominant dictators in a demcracy like we see with glenn beck on rep side

LOL, seriously? they have a jackass as their logo. what makes you think they're bothered that a tomboy is the face of their party?

I really enjoy her show, She's pretty low-key and always courteous to her guests, even the ones with whom she completely disagrees- you're right- very classy and also extremely intelligent.

No, are you smart enough to know that Rush was an illegal drug user.

She is brilliant. I'm happy to see Maddow cleaning the clocks of cons.

I didn't know she was the face of my party, but I'd be happy if she was. it would be a great dichotomy between the face of the democrats and the face of the republicans.

Rachel Maddow (face of Dems) – Stanford Graduate and Rhodes scholar.
Rush Limbaugh (face of Reps) – high school graduate who got out of the Vietnam War because of a cyst in his buttcrack

Tthey are not concerned, they like Rosie O too, so go figure. Rosie O and Maddow are big mouths, with sewer odor.…,,…

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