Are Full House's Jodie Sweetin & iCarly's Jennette McCurdy related?

I was watching TV and i realized how much these two people look alike. I knew they could'nt be the same person, but i was amazed at the similar their facial features and expressions are. I thought that Jennette might be Jodie's daughter, but i couldn't find anything about a connection, but i know Jodie had a baby, but i don't know when. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about them or if they could find any information as to a possible connection between the two.

Here are two pages that have pictures of them.

Jennette McCurdy:…

Jodie Sweetin:…

I don't think they are related, but I can see why you might think so. Jennette's character really reminds me of Stephanie Tanner. Jodie just had her baby a couple of months ago.

no, I checked their website and it doesnt say anything about them being related…

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