Brit Celeb Interview: Beautiful, British & Cultured Actress Tehmina Sunny

Tehmina Sunny is Beautiful, British and about to grace our big screens in a number of new films.  Enviably she gets to share the screen with Ben Affleck in his new film 'Argo' and stars as Sonubai in 'Singularity'.  We took a moment out of this busy actresses crazy work schedule to find out more about her upcoming work, her Indian culture and what she misses most about London.

Photo by: Russ Elloway

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A: What has been your favorite role so far and why?

TS: I enjoyed playing the character Sonubai on the project ‘Singularity’. She has ruthless intentions and very clear agendas to get what she wants. It’s exciting to play characters far from who I am. This character was challenging but exciting to create.

A: Tell us about your characters in Singularity and Argo?                          AS: In Singularity, my character sets the ball rolling for the obstacles that occur in the period piece of the film. Sounds confusing, but when you watch it, it will make sense.

In Argo, the character I play creates tension for Ben Affleck’s character to pursue his journey. Can’t give too much away I’m afraid.

A: What was it like working with Ben Affleck?

TS: It was actually one of my highlights to date. I’ve admired Bens’ work as an actor and director for years.

A: Coming from an Indian background, what do you love most about the culture?

TS: The culture itself, which is full of history meshed with different beliefs. I like Bollywood films, delicious culinary dishes, yoga, stunning costumes and jewelry, the music, the way everything is colorful and the people.

A: How do you find working in LA compared to London?

TS: LA is an actor friendly town with lots of businesses catering for the industry, which is a good support system. But whether filming on set in London or LA, the process and comparison is very similar. Apart from the guarantee of good sunny weather in LA.

A: How did you get into acting?

TS: I embarked on a few acting classes while I was songwriting to see if I could enhance the songs I was singing. I was eager to understand the element of creating a character. It was by chance, that a British acting agent asked if he could represent me as an actress. I have never looked back since.

A: What do you miss about London? 

TS: Family, friends and good fish and chips.

A: What can we see you in next?

TS: Singularity will be releasing early next year and ‘Elevator’ will be circuiting the film festivals.

A: What is your favorite part of your career?

TS: The work itself, I get great enjoyment from it. The creating of a character, defining the back-story, circumstances, agenda.

A: What do people recognize you from?

TS: I guess Californication was a show that lots of people watched and I was recognized in.

A: How do people keep in touch with your work?

TS: I have a page on FB that is constantly updated or by following me on twitter @tehminasunny


Brit Celeb Interview: Beautiful, British & Cultured Actress Tehmina Sunny

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