Can tuna and milk really harm you if you eat them during the same meal?

Like if you have a tuna sandwhich then drink a glass of milk? my mom has told me since I was 4 that you should never have tuna and milk together because it will give you really bad food poisioning or something.

She says it because she gave my older brother some tuna and some milk once and he almost died from vomiting and stuff…..will milk and tuna together really harm you?

no…..I've had that before and nothing happened to me. maybe one of the things caused food poisoning, not both.
or maybe he was sick before hand, or maybe he was allergic to tuna or milk.

That's ridiculous…I've never heard of such a thing. If tuna and dairy didn't mix, we couldn't have tuna salad or tuna noodle casserole! It's a myth…enjoy your tuna and milk!

If you don't mix meat and dairy because of dietary belifs or you have food allegies of some sort.

No defantly not !! there would be health warnings on the products not to mix with milk/tuna with each other !!

maby the tuna or milk woz bad/off !!


When I was in school in the early 60's Friday was fish day and the only day that milk wasn't served with lunch.

Gosh I just had tuna helper and I'm not sick. I'm going to have to say your ma is a wacko.

NO. Thee Lord made tuna an Thee Lord made milk. Thee Lord's creatiuns would never harm ya!!!

No. I eaten those together before.

This is a myth…can you imagine how many sick kids would be when schools serve fish along side a pint of milk…..

Well tuna helper calls for milk…so im not sure how that would make sense!

no, there are a lot of food myths out there.

it never hurt me

no my son eats that combination all the time and he is just fine

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