Gwyneth Paltrow Prefers Wrinkles to Botox

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Wow, she's either lying or uses something else on her face other than botox to combat the appearance of aging. Perhaps she's been under the knife for what they call a soft tweak. Because no one as militant about keeping the rest of her body in shape sits back and lets nature take its course when it comes to her most prominent and marketable asset.

Yikes! not a flattering picture of her! she can look gorgeous if the camera has her from the right angle, but her nose looks huge, her face square and the hair doesn't suit her. i miss when she actually made movies.

AWESOME!!! She looks awesome and wears her age superbly. I hope Demi can take some tips from her. I like the wrinkles over Botox thinking. Botox looks so scary on some women. Women just need to take care of themselves and love who they are, treat their bodies right and walk with their heads up! Way to go, Gwyneth!~*

Fabulous figure? LOL does she EVEN have a figure? Wayyy too thin man. She looks good but She needs to chill with her militant exercise regime and gain a good 10 pounds or more…

Folks, not for anything, but have you SEEN this woman's mother, Blythe Danner? She's still gorgeous, and advancing age hasn't stopped her from working and being a wonderful actress. So I would say that Gwyneth has the advantage of good genes as well as good sense.

Gwyneth Paltrow Prefers Wrinkles to Botox

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