Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage, what are your top 5 favorite movies of his?

BQ- favorite Jeremy Renner movies? it's also his birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cage!

(in no specific order:)
"Raising Arizona"
"Lord of War"

BQ: "The Hurt Locker", "The Town"…if "Lords of Dogtown" counted as a Jeremy Renner movie, I'd put it on the list as well but I guess that'd be too much of a stretch..
Happy B-day to Mr. Renner!

Happy Birthday to them!

1. National Treasure
2. National Treasure: Book of Secrets ( I love these two movies )
3. Gone in 60 Seconds
4. Kick-A$$
5. The Wicker-Man

& ironically, I'm going to see Season of the Witch today.

BQ: The only movie I've seen with him in it is Lords of Dogtown & he didn't have a large role. I'm DYING to see The Town though. I've heard it's great.

None, he's one of those actors I look at and wonder, apart from being Francis Ford Coppola's nephew, why is he in movies?! He's fine in a few movies, like razing Arizona and in fairness, he was brave to play the part he did in Leaving Los Vegas, but he's made loads of turkeys.

1) Face Off
2) Raising Arizona
3) National Treasure
4) The Rock
5) Lord of War

1)28 Weeks Later
2)Hurt Locker
3)The Town

1. Leaving Las Vegas
2. Adaptation
3. Bringing out the Dead
4. Raising Arizona
5. Kick A$$
BQ: North Country ( havent seen the Town or the Hurt Locker yet)

1. Leaving Las Vegas
2. Adaptation.
3. Raising Arizona
4. Gone in 60 Seconds
5. Guarding Tess

I've only seen The Hurt Locker of renner's movies, but thought that was great.


1. Con Air
2. Leaving Las Vegas
3. Kick-@ss
4. Face/Off
5. Raising Arizona

BQ: The Town and The Hurtlocker

Not a big fan of Nicolas Cage in general but I really like these movies:
The Rock
Raising Arizona
Con Air

BQ: The Hurt Locker

Face-off, sorcerer's apprentice, gone in 60 seconds, national treasure, annnd national treasure 2.

Lord of war.
national treasure 1
Kick azz
The rock

Bq- only seen hurt locker. The town. N 28 weeks. Great actor though.

National Treasure
National Treasure 2
It Could Happen to You

national treasure was kind of a good movie, but
how it all just easily got figured out i found stupid.
^^ hes too much of a serious actor for me so idk..

Con Air
Leaving Las Vegas
Raising Arizona
The Rock

Peggy Sue Got Married
Leaving Las Vegas
Raising Arizonia
The Weather Man

Con Air
Face Off
Gone in 60 Seconds

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