How do I get the Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap in TF2?

I read the wiki and it suggested that I first hit the Horsemann then run away and hide until it dies, then I should get the achievement and when I respawn I should get the metal. But I've done exactly that 5-10 times and I still haven't got either.

Anyone know a fool proof way to get it?

Yes, I feel your pain. this happened to me too, but once, my friend said he hit it 4 times and it finally worked, so i ran up as a scout and hit it twice, but stayed in the area – he got killed a few seconds after i meleed him. sure enough, i got the achievement and the metal (rare horseman's head taker wasn't long after =D)

it might be that you have to hit him more than once, it might be that you have to stay in the area, it might be that he has to die soon after. I'm not sure, but it might just be a glitch that makes it not register.

also, it's important to note that your character can only get 1 haunted metal scrap, because you get it from the achievment.

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