How do you memorize the Gettysburg address easily?

i have a school project, and i need to memorize the Gettysburg address. but i'm not that good at memorizing things so if there's an easy way to do it please help me!

I didn't do the Gettysburg Address but i did have to do the declaration of independence
1) memorize it line by line (take your time and you will be fine)
2) go on you tube and search gettysburg adress you will most likely find someone reading it aloud so you can read with them
3) read aloud to someone its like practice

The best way to remember something is not just to read it and try to remember it, but to write it down as you memorize it. this method actually creates synaptic pathways which link the memorization process to the writing process, and which reinforce each other. so you are far more likely to remember your "lines," so to speak, if you write them down as you learn them. then, when the time comes to remember your spiel, just envision yourself writing it as you speak, and it will come easily to mind. I used this method to learn my vocabulary words in Latin class in high school, and I almost always made A's on my vocabulary quizzes. try it and see if it works for you.

What I would do is Make a melody of the song. you can't forget a song, like ring around the rosy was about a plague in Europe so people created a melody so children would remember the plague and be aware of it. If it came again.

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