How is a Belgian Malinois groomed for comfermation?

I have a 6 month old Belgian Malinois our first show is in a few weeks
I need to know how she should be groomed for the ring.What type of blow drying and any trimming?

Go to and then find your breed club. I believe, however, that they are not trimmed and a simple wash and blow dry should do nicely. Don't forget the feet!

I home you've been going to conformation classes. the first time in the ring can be confusing. Good luck with your first show.

I would suggest contacting your breeder and asking for pictures. or going to the AKC website and trying to look up the breed and see show pictures. or google the breed. Someone is bound to have show pictures on their site. I am not familiar with how they need to be groomed. I have a wash and go breed, so when we go into the ring, it is very easy.

Set up a meeting with your breeder. They will want her to look her best, since she is a product of their breeding.
It would be impossible to tell you since we can't do hands on

I love Belgian Malinois! I want one so bad it's not even funny! They are so cute and you are very lucky to have a good dog like that. Sorry I'm not sure of the grooming.

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