i Love Shiba Inus Photo Contest Winners

A huge thank you to all who entered such pawmazing photos of your Shiba Inus and Shiba mixes in our i love Shiba Inus photo contest.

It was a challenge for our contest judge, NYC Shiba Rescue (NYCSR) Founder Jenna Gates, to narrow all the great entries down to two winners.

Gates said she looked at every photo with three things in mind: Whether it showed the personality of the dog; if it was an interesting, quality photo (well composed, focused, etc.); and the quality of the Shiba itself.

After careful consideration, Gates made her two top choices. the winners are:

First place: Crystal

"A beautiful dog. love her eyes," Gates noted. "also love the composition of the photo and the contrast of the cream dog against the green background."

Crystal is 6 months old and from Oakville, Wash. her photo was submitted by her dog mom, Laura Perkinson.

 Second place: Kaiju

"Fantastic, joyful puppy action capture!" Gates said. "the pink ball makes a great contrast and I love that you can see the leash trailing behind him, because Shibas should never be off leash."

Kaiju's pet parents, Nobuko and Paul of Cambridge, Mass., write that the photo is very special to them. It was taken just a few days before Kaiju broke both his hind knees. "despite the fact that he went through four months of recovery (with confinement and restrictions) when he was a puppy, and the ongoing struggle with generalized fear ever since then, he remains very sweet," they write. "he  is so lovable around us, and has not expressed his frustration or fear with aggression towards anybody. we appreciate how much he has put up, and has overcome so far. we love him very dearly. "

Crystal and Kaiju will each receive i love Dogs Reishi with Green Tea plus a coupon good for a 50-percent discount on their pet parents' next purchase of i love Dogs vitamins and supplements.

Honorable Mention: Fuji, Taka, Mari and Waka

Based on your "Likes" in our Facebook photo album – and it was a landslide – a prize for the fan favorite goes to Fuji, Taka, Mari and Waka. This fine-looking foursome will receive an i love Dogs goodie bag filled with treats for each pup.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks again to all of you who sent in such pawsome pictures of your beautiful Shibas.

Special thanks to our judge, Jenna Gates. we know it wasn't easy to choose two winners. Among her runner-up favorites were Karma ("Karma looks great for his age, and I love the composition of the photograph as well"), Kat ("A Shiba named Kat in the snow? Who can resist? her ears and her tail are plush. I just want to smoosh her") and Betsy ("love the Shiba smile in this photo. I especially love to see rescues smiling").

"Shibas are beautiful and challenging dogs," Gates said. "they have the largest personalities of any breed I am familiar with; they're mischievous, intelligent, stubborn, loyal and loving. they aren't the right companion for everyone, but if they're right for you, you will wonder how you ever lived without them."

If you're considering adopting a Shiba Inu, Gates said NYCSR – along with most other rescue groups – are in desperate need of foster homes.

"We're always struggling to find enough homes for the dogs who need help," she said. "A terrible reality of rescue is that we often have to decide which dogs we can save and which we can't. Fostering is such a rewarding experience and most rescue groups need fosters of all types and experience levels, short term, long term, and everything in between. Even if you only do it once, that's one more dog who gets to live. I would like to challenge everyone who truly loves dogs, to foster, at least one time, for their local shelter, all breed rescue group or purebred rescue group."

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