Is it ok to feed a 3 month old guinea pig tymothy based pellets insted of alfalfa?

im getting a guinea pig this weekend from the shelter and when i go i was planning to buy the food and hay there insted of at the petstore (the shelter sells oxbow). i saw that they sell cavy cuisine (tymothy based) and not cavy preformance (alfalfa based). also they sell orchard grass and tymothy hay but i didnt see any alfalfa hay. would it be ok to give a three month old tymothy hay or is it really bad for them.

timothy hay should be fine!

yes, but I'd use a calcium supplement as well.

Ask the people at the shleter, they may be willing to order you some Cavy Performance. I would try very hard to get an alfalfa based pellet for such a young pig. if they can't get it for you, I'd go find another brand of plain alfalfa based pellet like Mazuri. when your pig is old enough, definately support the shelter and buy Oxbow. It is a great quality pellet.

Orchard grass or Timothy hay is a necessity even for a young pig. be sure to give him some alfalfa too. he will need the extra calcium while he is young. you will need to stop the alfalfa after he reaches 1 year, and watch the calcium he intakes.

Good Luck with your new pig!!

from about three to six months guinea pigs should have alfalfa because in has more calcium or somthing that adult guinea pigs dont need. as long as you give it plenty of real alfala, it should be ok.

it should be fine

From what I know, piggies under 12 months of age should be fed alfalfa based diets because it has extra calcuim needed for bone development. The timothy based diet wouldnt have enough calcuim for the guinea. Once it reaches 12 months is when it should be fed the timothy based diet because too much calcuim at that point may cause bladder stones

You know what. I really don't think thta is a good idea. It's stomach is sensitive right now, and it needs easy foods that he/she have been eating since they were born.

I just feed my baby guinea pigs Hartz Bonanza Guinea Pig Gourmet Diet. but I think it is okay for the three month old baby.

I know that it's not recommended to give Cavy Cuisine to any pig under six months of age (there is even a notice on the bag itself that advises this!) Young pigs have different dietary needs than adult pigs.

The timothy hay isn't bad for the pig at all, and it's perfectly fine to give it to them. In fact, it would be bad to NOT give them timothy hay (alfalfa is NOT a replacement for timothy hay, it's a supplement).

If you're giving her plenty of fresh veggies every day, then you may be allright holding off on the pellets until she's at least six months. My vet actually recommended this to me with one of my baby pigs (she was runty when we adopted her), to hold off on pellets and feed loose alfalfa, timothy and plenty of dark, leafy greens. Those first six months are a big developmental period for baby pigs. if you can't find Oxbow alfalfa, you can always pick up Kaytee alfalfa (I'm not a huge fan of Kaytee, but their alfalfa hay has been working fine for me.) My youngest now is just two months old, and gets plenty of timothy and orchard grass mixed in with some alfalfa every day (where the older pigs just get their timothy and orchard).

I would suggest feeding the Cavy Cuisine once the pig's reached adulthood, though. It's one of (and in my opinion, is) the best food out there, and my pigs LOVE it. It's so healthy for them and has none of the junk that most other commercial foods have in them.

Timothy hay is just fine! It is not bad for them at all! They do not HAVE to have alfalfa. People think this because it has more calcium, but if you're giving them a variety of fresh veggies that are healthy for them, a high quality timothy hay pellet, and timothy hay or orchard grass hay 24/7 then they will be fine and getting the nutrients they need.

You really have to be careful of their calcium intake as their systems are sensitive to this, and they can easily get bladder infections, bladder stones, and sludge ~ all of which are no fun for little piggers (but painful)!

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