Is there a rapper similar to Biggie Smalls?

i want to find a rapper thta is almost equally good with biggie smalls and i cant find any. i just want to know if theres any out there. or any good old school rapper for that matter.

shyne and gorilla black

no fake rick ross bull

not a troll sttfu

and being deep does not tell lyrical ability why do you think jay z is seen more as the goat alive then nas

No rapper will ever be similar to the Notorious B.I.G.

no, but there is a lot who are better

biggie=most overrated rapper ever

Shyne used to be similar.. but after prison.. NAAA don't listen to that *** lol

Not that i kno of

BIG Pun, listen to – Twinz

2Pac ,better than him….. real talk

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