Koran burning: 

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Koran burning:

Koran burning, took months threatening that he would and then it turned. The American preacher Terry Jones burned the Koran in the middle of one of his sermons and drew the ire of the Islamic world, as revenge has now jeopardized the UN forces in northern Afghanistan.

Afghan demonstrators angered by the burning of the Koran by a preacher in the United States invaded a UN compound and killed on Friday, 7 employees of the international organization in the deadliest attack against the body in the country.

Koran burning, and it seems that they will not stop. Continue the protests and police have opened fire to disperse the protesters, who have come to burn vehicles during the protest. Confirmed nine dead and 77 wounded in the riots.

Last year the international community to halt the plans of this fundamentalist pastor, but when least expected a lighter, a battery and the Koran have become the new excuse for confrontation between the West and the Islamic world.

Koran burning, Terry Jones, a fundamentalist pastor of 58 years and head of a small alternative church in Gainesville, Florida, was criticized internationally in September its plans to burn the Koran in anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Jones eventually canceled the event under intense pressure from the United States Government, the Pope and other world leaders. but he has remained an outspoken critic of Islam, said that parts of the Koran can lead to violence and terrorism.

Koran burning, March 20, he led what he called "The international day trial at Koran 'oversaw the burning of the book in front of about 50 people. a video posted on the website of his church Dove World Outreach Center shows a fuel-soaked book burning in a metal grille similar to those found in yards and gardens, but installed in the church.

"we believe that parts of the Koran, if taken literally, does result in violence and terrorist activities, promote racism or prejudice against minorities, against Christians, against women," he said shortly after burning the Koran.

"Our United States government and our president should take a close look realistic and radical element of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. It is time we make these people responsible," he said Friday in a statement reacting to events in Afghanistan.

But he told the BBC that in no way feel responsible for the deaths of UN workers in Afghanistan.

Koran burning, those who know Jones say he demands strict obedience and unpaid work of its small group of faithful and sells used furniture from his sanctuary in Gainesville. through the years, Jones has demonized gays and has focused increasingly on Islam, preaching that Muslims try to take over the U.S. and impose sharia law.

The children of his congregation in Florida were sent to school wearing the T-shirts that say "Islam is the devil" until school officials banned them.

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