Make Your Own Travel TV Show

Travel is a big business and many are taking advantage of the global culture by urging us with the various packages to take the plunge and go on a trek. Holiday packages, honeymoon packages, adventure sport packages, best travel insurance packages, discount hotel and travel packages. All you have to do is name them and it is there. The philosophy is that of excited curiosity. It is also that of escapisms from the monotony that face us everyday. It is an experience of the new that changes human sensibility and hot spots are traded on the shows and in packages. Tropical locales, the sun, the sea, saunas, spas, relaxing tourist destinations catch the imagination of many hardworking people.

Some people work hard and save and make the one trip of their lifetime all around the world. Others are better tourists by making short event filled journeys. Travel Insurance Companies target such persons with Long Term Travel Insurance policies. Travel can hook some people for a life time. Travel can also bring economic prosperity to a nation. Malaysia, Thailand and many other nations have proved the model of tourism brings money that come along with the tourists. Tourists sectors bring customers for bars, restaurants, theatres, and more. The growth of the tourism industry around the world has been around 10 percent. Along with the tourism industry the travel insurance industry has also benefited with the travel insurance coverage offered.

Travel channels are many a dime, and watching some saves a few dimes. You could now travel around the world right in your living room. You could experience the cultures you have never been to before. Climbing the heights and going to the depths with the hosts of your TV shows is a fascinating trip you can make.

Some of the famous shows that count are

o "$40 a Day" and "Tasty Travels" with Rachael Ray

o "Crocodile Hunter" by Steve Irwin

o "Europe through the Back Doors" with Rick Steves.

o "Experience America" with Corita Gravitt

o "Going Tribal" with Bruce Barry

o "Journey of a Lifetime" with Jeremy Piven

o "No Reservations" with Anthony Boudain

o "Passport to Adventure" and "Great Hotels" with Julie Conover

o "Passport to Europe" with Samantha Brown.

o "Smart Travels" and Rudy Maxa

o "Stranded with Cash Peters"

o "The Genuine Article" and "Follow That Food" with Gordon Elliott

o "The Thirsty Traveler" and Kevin Brauch

o "Trippin" along with Cameron Diaz

Popularity of such shows like 'Amazing Race', 'globetrekkers', 'TVroad trip' etc… only make travel more interesting. You would like to conquer the world along with the hosts of these shows.

o Get the stock footage of the various travel documentaries of the shows and take them along with you on your travel to the destinations they have been.

o Take along your handy cam and try to mimic your famous show host and make your own home video.

o You can always sell your home video to TV channels that allow freelance work or broadcast your video after they are satisfied with it.

o Write about your travel experience you can save it for later times to show your children. You could also put it online to make an interesting read as well as be a guide to others who go to these places.

o Create an online album and conserve your trips forever.

TV shows that highlight adventure travel show common people like you and me who dare to dream. Just be the host of your own show and you could become a TV host on travel channels.

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