Marriage in the World of Kelly Preston and John Travolta

John Travolta and Kelly Preston provide the perfect example of a married couple who have been through the ups and downs, with the most recent having occurred following the death of their son Jett Travolta.

Despite the hiccups experienced in most marriages, John and Kelly have maintained level headed about marriage, and surprisingly enough don't mind discussing their thoughts when it comes to marriage.

John and Kelly officially first met in 1987 in Toronto, Canada while making the movie The Experts. At the time, both were in relationships however maintained an ongoing friendship. in 1990, the couple met once again, and surprisingly no longer in relationships. Thus, as most would expect the sparks flew and presto, a relationship developed.

Following the happy development, John proposed to Kelly with a 7.5 carat yellow diamond ring on the stroke of midnight at a new Year's Eve party at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland.

John and Kelly attempted to plan the wedding themselves, but like most couples, busy schedules conflicted with plans and both decided to elope in Paris. Kelly and John were later married on September 12, 1991 in a midnight ceremony at the Hotel de Crillon, with Kelly looking stunning in a strapless pearl-beaded gown from Renee Strauss in Beverly Hills.

John and Kelly have had two children, Jett and Ella Trovolta. both acknowledge the gift of children, and the hard work, with John reporting: Having kids gives you a mandate to make your marriage work. Kelly and I strive really hard at it, and the kids are a big motivating factor. We make them more important than us, so it's like we have a purpose to make the marriage work in order to keep them happy. it seems to work so far.

Like us all, John and Kelly have experienced both the adversity and blissfulness of marriage, and like us, both recognise the effort and work required to maintain a successful marriage.

Kelly reports: one thing I've learned is that you really have to keep creating your marriage. You can't let it sort of drift off to be however it will be … We never go to bed angry. We work it out before we go to sleep unless we're too, too exhausted. then we put it on hold until first thing. We know what each other's buttons are – so we don't push them. neither of us likes to yell, so we don't. I think these rules are really what have been the basis for us, because we've had so much affection, love, respect, enjoyment, and fun. (Source: Jennifer Kasle. Kelly Preston, actress, mom, and oh yeah, John Travolta's wife." Redbook. 6/1998. pg 84.)

Many of us recognize the differences experienced when couples enter a marriage. often, couples may find the exhilaration and excitement of new found love to gradually evaporate with time, especially when it comes to sex in the relationship. Recognizing what your partner wants, and learning to compromise and accommodate for one another often assists couples to overcome these hurdles. when it comes to sex, John shares some interesting philosophy:

Sex is so organic and so natural that if [an unhappy sex life] becomes the reason you break up, then you didn't have a good relationship to begin with. if you had [satisfying sex] in the first place and you liked it and it starts to diminish, it has to do with something else … but I don't think it's the most important thing in a relationship … if you can't have fun with sex when you're married, when can you? The longer you've been with a partner, the easier it is to explore and create and have fun. (Source: Jeanne Wolf. "Why John Travolta is so happy." Redbook. 2/2003. pg 108.)

Whilst celebrity couples may encounter other differences and difficulties within their relationship typically not experienced by the average couple, it is evident that the work and effort required for successful marriage are equivalent within all relationships. as John and Kelly have reported, marriage entails work and effort, and is not something that remains fluid. as people change, so too does their relationships, and a successful marriage or relationships is dependent upon ones ability to manage change successfully and adapt effectively.

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