Our Birthday Gift For Justin Bieber? 3 Movie Pitches Co-Starring Selena Gomez!

It's a big day for Justin Bieber as the Canadian cutie turns the ripe old age of 18. Happy birthday, Justin! You're officially a man!

Elsewhere around the MTV universe, we've been celebrating by counting down his 18 best moments and charting his style evolution, but here at Hollywood Crush we have a special present for the now-adult…which also happens to involve girlfriend Selena Gomez!

We know from guest appearances on "CSI" and all those rumored film projects that Justin is something of a budding actor, so in honor of his big day, we've dreamed up three amazing movie pitches that should propel his on-screen career into the Hollywood stratosphere. And they all co-star a lovely leading lady: his girlfriend. Check out our ideas after the jump and leave your own in the comments below!

The rumored "Fear" remakeOriginal "Fear" star Reese Witherspoon already gave her blessing to the singer rebooting the 1996 thriller (which co-starred Bieber bud Mark Wahlberg). How amazing would it be if Selena took over Mark's role, playing the possessive maniac obsessed with Justin? Go dark, Selena! Go dark!

"Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 2 Love"In 2010, Justin gave unfettered, behind-the-scenes access to director Jon Chu for a concert documentary, chronicling his tour and giving fans a rare glimpse into Biebermania. Too bad it all went down before he began dating the Disney darling. Let's get those cameras rolling again to chronicle their young love. And puppy love.

A Garry Marshall rom-comRemember how cute Taylor Squared (Swift and Lautner) were as an on-screen couple in "Valentine's Day"? That could so be Justin and Selena! In "Independence Day," the duo would star as college best friends who could be so much more, if only Selena would declare her independence from a dullsville boyfriend and confess her true feelings for Justin. Let freedom (and romance) ring!

Would you like to see Justin and Selena star in a movie together? Leave your ideas and birthday wishes for the Biebs below!

Our Birthday Gift For Justin Bieber? 3 Movie Pitches Co-Starring Selena Gomez!

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