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You cannot begin to even mention the cut-throat world of film criticism without the name Roger Ebert springing to mind. He is to film what Walt Mossberg is to technology – the most celebrated journalist and reviewer in his industry by a long way. Mr. Ebert, who has always been intelligent about using his reputation for financial gain, has just had an iOS App released chronicling all the movies he reckons are great.

Great Movies series

The App, titled Roger Ebert’s Great Movies, borrows from the film critic’s ongoing Great Movies series, and includes every film he has ever given a rousing review.

Within the app, you have access to over 300 reviews, ranging from 1927’s The General to The Godfather and beyond. Each film has been indexed and is searchable for details on it, and the app offers up stills, too, for the millions of moviegoers who go because a single frame looks awesome (guilty as charged).

Easy viewing

Once you’ve found a film using Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app, you can add the movie to your Netflix queue, or purchase it from Amazon within the app. It also gives you the ability to make a list of the films you have seen, and the films you want to see, which serves as a promising base if ever the developers want to add social features ala Facebook integration at a later stage.

IMDB, but curated

It’s almost worth thinking of the Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app as a carefully curated IMDB list. Carefully curated by the most famous film critic of all time, and if you’ve found your tastes aligning well with his, it will be one of the best ways to figure out what you should and should not be watching. It costs $0.99 (59p), and works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (though it has not been optimised for the iPad).

There’s currently no word on when it will release for Android and other platforms, but one imagines that if it catches traction, it will reach other mobile OS platforms soon.

Roger Ebert comes to iOS » Mobile Computing News

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