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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Nominations for this year's Golden Globes were announced Tuesday. Immediately, talk turned to who was snubbed. most of that talk regarded the movie categories, with only an occasional outcry about "Lost" or "true Blood" being left out.

Because I haven't been to the movies in ages — and many of the nominated films haven't come here yet (if at all) anyway — I didn't think much about the motion picture side of things, but since TV's my thing, I do have some opinions about those nominations.

First, while I'm thrilled that the amazing "Walking Dead" got a nomination for best drama, I was really disappointed to see star Andrew Lincoln left out of the best dramatic actor category at the expense of a crop of oft-nominated actors. I'm not saying that Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie and Michael C. Hall aren't good actors; they are. but they've all been amply rewarded. In the Globes' case, Hamm and Hall have been nominated every year since 2006 and Laurie since '05. They've all won at least once. how about recognizing some new talent?

I was also really bummed to see the hilarious Martha Plimpton of "Raising Hope" overlooked in the best comedic actress category. the Emmys are frequently heavy on nominations from premium channel shows, but usually the Globes are good about acknowledging network shows. not here. three of the five nominees are from Showtime shows. the other two are the hilarious yet oft-nominated Tina Fey and Lea Michele from "Glee," who really hasn't done anything award-worthy this season. Plimpton definitely should have gotten one of those spots.

The biggest insult, though, is to the supporting actors. unlike the Emmys — or even the lead categories here — there is no division between drama, comedy and miniseries/TV movie. so whereas the lead actors have 15 nominations between the genres, the supporting actors have five spots total.

I don't know if they're being stingy with the hardware or what, but this format has excluded some fantastic actors. the two who immediately come to mind are Aaron Paul, who just had his most amazing season yet on "Breaking bad," and Julie Bowden, who is far funnier than her nominated "Modern Family" co-star, Sofia Vergara. I also think that Adam Baldwin ("Chuck"), Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar ("Burn Notice"), Norman Reedus and Laurie Holden ("the Walking Dead"), Jack McBrayer ("30 Rock"), Kaley Cuoco ("the Big Bang Theory") and Kirsten Vangsness ("Criminal Minds") could use some recognition.

The Golden Globes air Jan. 16 on NBC.

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  • If you're one of the few people out there still watching "Running Wilde," you won't be anymore. Fox announced that it's pulling the remaining five episodes immediately.

    Fans of "the Closer," on the other hand, will have some time to adjust to seeing their beloved Brenda go. last Friday, TNT announced that Kyra Sedgwick has decided to end her starring gig after next season, thus ending the show.

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  • Specials: "a Charlie Brown Christmas," 8 p.m. Thursday, ABC; "yes, Virginia," 8 p.m., "Frosty the Snowman," 8:30 p.m., and "Frosty Returns," 9 p.m. Friday, CBS; "I want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown," 8 p.m. Saturday, ABC; "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town," 8 p.m. Saturday, ABC Family; "SNL Presents: a very Gilly Christmas," 9 p.m. Tuesday, NBC.

    Episodes: "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia," 10 p.m. Thursday, FX; "the Closer," 9 p.m. Monday, TNT.

    Movie highlights: "Miracle on 34th Street," 8 p.m. Friday through Monday, AMC; "Elf," 9 p.m. Friday, USA; "Christmas Vacation," 9 p.m. Monday, TV Land; "a Christmas Carol" (Patrick Stewart version), 9 p.m. Tuesday, TNT.

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  • Series premiere: "Million Dollar Money Drop," 8 p.m. Monday, Fox (game show).

    Returning: "Undercovers," 8 p.m. Wednesday, NBC (no other airings listed, so this could be a one-off)

    Series finale: "Skating with the Stars," 8 p.m. Tuesday, ABC.

    Season finales: "Burn Notice," 9 p.m. Thursday, USA; "Sanctuary," 10 p.m. Friday, Syfy (midseason finale); "Survivor," 8 p.m. Sunday, CBS; "Leverage," 9 p.m. Sunday, TNT; "the Sing-Off," 8 p.m. Monday, NBC; "Psych," 10 p.m. Wednesday, USA.

    Specials: "Funniest Commercials of the Year," 10 p.m. Thursday, TBS; "WWE Tribute to the Troops," 9 p.m. Saturday, NBC; "a Home for the Holidays," 8 p.m. Wednesday, CBS (adoption awareness concert).

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