Style Spotlight: Alexis Bledel

As the 80+ degree weather here in Chicago (!!) is starting to remind us, spring is fast approaching. I saw this picture of Alexis Bledel from a few months ago that made me think of spring weather, as well as a simple, flattering and distinctively "put-together" effect. to me, she's fulfilled a lot of fashion "do"'s with this look. Not everyone can pull off a silky, loose-fitting shift like this one, but Alexis does it beautifully. I like how she's proved that you don't need loads of jewelry or a ton of accessories to end up with a complete look. It's a wonderful example of less is more. above all, she knows how to dress to accent her features and natural beauty, making her outfit work for her instead of the other way around. The result? Effortlessness.

Hair: I love her hair color here, combined with the loose waves. nothing is pulled too tightly or oversprayed. It's also polished and out of her face. She looks comfortable and clean.

Make-up: Natural, just like the rest of her. but the slightly smoky eye and red nails add hints of sexiness.

Accessories: Simple and cohesive with the rest of the outfit. The navy satin clutch (a neutral in its own right) with gold hardware clasp is also a nice element of Alexis' deep blue and yellow color story. The one ring she is wearing is unobtrusive yet pretty.

Clothes: mostly, I am really appreciating how much the blues in the dress complement her amazing, bright blue eyes (what I would consider her most distinctive attribute). The tip to be found here is to play up your best feature. Doing so really makes you stand out.

Shoes: !!! like many (see Tsong's post below), I have a thing for wedges, and everything about these are so chic, from the cute shade of banana yellow to their sexy, sculptural quality to the dainty mary jane strap. I am crazy about suede for shoes, and the almond toe strikes the perfect balance between round and pointy. I'll admit to trying to find them online for myself–which led me to discover that they were from Givenchy Fall 2010. As it often happens in fashion, I was too late (and too broke anyway)…

I love how this shoe is all about shape. Here's a close-up to highlight their fabulousness:

I like watching celebrity style (with time, money and resources at their disposal they have no excuse to look badly), but it's not often that I'm attracted to a look from head to toe.

Style Spotlight: Alexis Bledel

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