Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend – Make Him Happy With Words

Actions often speak louder than words but these sweet things to say to your boyfriend can overshadow quite a few actions.

1) You make me feel like a better person. This lets him know that he helps you and that you need him in order to feel you are at your best. Men like to be needed. Even more, they like to be appreciated for their contributions. This lets him know that he is wanted, needed, and appreciated.

2) I am proud to know you. This is another expression of appreciation that lets him know that he is in your thoughts and you take pride in the fact that the two of your are together.

3) I love the way you make me feel. Why is this so sweet? It's sweet because you're acknowledging the impact he has on you and that you like it. He wants you to feel good when you're together. Saying this, above all else, lets him know that you do feel better because of him.

4) Thank you. It's too teeny tiny little words that speak volumes to the man you love. Not only do they make him feel appreciated but they also let him know that you are pleased with the little things he does for you along the way.

5) Nothing. Don't tell him anything. Show him how much he, and his contributions to the relationship, means to you. Cook his favorite dinner, leave love notes in his lunch box, and bring him breakfast in bed. Do little things that show him how much means to you it will matter more than any other sweet things to say to your boyfriend for most men.

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