This question bothers me. How did male and female evolve individually at once, mated and created new species?

Do male and female organisms evolve from common ancestors separately? When exactly do we have the first male and female organisms together from the same species?

Males and females are both the same species.

"Males and females are both the same species."

I wouldn't be so sure

Gross conceptual error.

Man, you asked this question yesterday. Grab a book, read. the whole species, male and female, evolved at the same rate.

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You should really be asking this in the biology section, but I'll have a go anyway.

In the beginning, all organisms were capable of reproducing asexually.

Then sexual reproduction came along, and allowed for two DNA sequences to be combined. this increased the amount of genetic diversity (since any one gene could now be copied from either parent, verbatim or with errors). At this stage, all organisms were hermaphrodites — having both male and female reproductive apparatus in the same body.

Sexual reproduction, precisely because it allowed for genetic diversity to increase so much faster, became established rapidly. the next improvement was the birth of organisms with only one set of reproductive apparatus (so less to go wrong, and some opportunity for division of labour). this is highly successful.

Male and female aren't actually *that* different from one another. Animals' instinctive programming includes both the male and female reproductive procedures, and many structures are dual-purpose (e.g., the human scrotum is very obviously an inside-out uterus).

Whenever a new species appears, it is necessarily interbreeable with its immediate ancestor species (but not necessarily interbreedable with other, differently-adapted descendants of its immediate ancestor species). if the new species has sufficient survival advantage, the ancestor will eventually become extinct.

Note also that sexual reproduction involving three or more sexes *does* exist, but the law of diminishing returns sets in after two.

Your question bothers me, too, but not nearly as much as the horribly dismissive answers you're getting.

::sideways glance at his fellow atheists::

Gender was around for millions of years before our species evolved. It served to increase the chance of genetic diversity among the population, and that led to further evolution. all mammals are female at first, and it isn't until a certain chemical is released in the womb that our gender is defined. and anyway, gender is just a reference to our reproductive parts. We're all human.

Go created male and female separately from the same clay – kind of soil.

Many verses from Quran stands proof to this creation.

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