Turkish Gay Pride – The Turkish Homophobia Awards of 2006

The 'Hormonlu Domates' (Hormone-fed Tomatoes) Awards

Lamdaistanbul is an organization established in 1993 whose purpose is to change negative opinion and attitudes, produce solidarity, and solve problems of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals (LGBTT).

Headquartered in its namesake city of Istanbul, the group began last year to distribute the 'Hormonlu Domates' (Hormone-fed Tomatoes) Homophobia awards. The goal of the awards is to encourage people and institutions to rethink their attitudes about LGBTT. Last year's 'Hormonlu Domatoes' winners included comedic actor Mehmet Ali Erbil super-star entertainer Hlya Avşar, and newspaper columnist Erman Toroğlu (who was the inspiration for the awards in the first place, as you'll see below).

This year's Homophobia Award Winners (for people or organizations that acted negatively toward LGBTT between July 2005 and June 2006) were determined by the voting on Lambdaistanbul's website.

Among the 'Hormone-fed Tomatoes' candidates this year were well-known institutions, associations, and famous people like actor Kadır Inanır (whom you mustn't ask) and singer/actor Alişan — who tries to forget the gay role with rape scene that he once played), the Şişli Police (with their robocops), as well as writer/actor Selahattin Duman (with his Mykonos newspaper articles). [See the full list of homophobic award candidates in 4 categories: The Press, Entertainment, Politics, and Institutions and photos of some of the more famous candidates at our 'Turkish Gay Pride' web page (link further below). Also, find pictorial English-language biographies of more than 100 Turkish celebrities (including most of the above-named) via our Who's Who in Turkey Index page.]

Lambdaistanbul representatives say that the inspiration for the idea of the 'Hormonlu Domatoes' Awards originated with Erman Toroğlu: When he said that homosexuality is the result of side effects from eating hormone-fed chicken, a light bulb suddenly flashed in our minds. We thought that people and organizations that draw public attention (due to their insensitive attitudes about gay-people) ought to get an award. And, this year for the first time, the winners were chosen by public ballot — which was open to everyone who visited the Lambdaistanbul website.

Winners of the Homophobia Awards this year were invited to the awards ceremony which took place in Istanbul on July 1st during Gay Pride Week (Escinsel Onur Haftası) — but none were available to attend.

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