Was this Charlie Hustle's first small step to redemption?

Buried in the story about Sparky Anderson now being in a hospice, was this:
Pete went to see Sparky in mid August and confessed to Sparky and apologized to Sparky for having bet on baseball and then lying for years about it. maybe, just maybe, he should try that with his many still devoted fans and other fans in general, who just might accept his apologies and give him a possible shot at the HoF!

Why did he apologize to Sparky? He never bet on baseball when he played for Sparky. in fact his betting had zero to do with Sparky, I'm not sure why he apologized to him.

Personally, even though I have been a Rose fan all my life, if he never gets in I have no problem with it. He knew what he did was wrong. but if he did get in, I would be troubled – not so much because they let him in but because they might just think "well, we let Pete in, Let's let Jackson in too" and Jackson took money to throw World Series games, an offense a million times worse than anything Pete did and that cannot happen.

On Pete's side, it's possible Juicers might get into the Hall and if that's the case, just let Pete in, it won't make any difference, the hall won't be the hall any more.

I know one fan's opinion counts for nothing in the world of MLB, but I don't think Pete Rose should ever be reinstated. He knowingly broke the SINGLE inviolable rule in the game. If the integrity of the competition is called into question, what exactly is left? would you still follow baseball if it were like the WWE?

I don't care if Rose throws himself on the mercy of the court of public opinion, flails himself, and wears a hair shirt in an attempt to atone for past sins…as long as Shoeless Joe is banned, Charlie Hustle should be keeping him company in baseball limbo.

Actually, if Rose would personally apologize to every single living player, manager, coach and executive who didn't bet on baseball, and to every single person who either attended, watched, listened to, or read about even a single MLB game in their lifetime, and perhaps spend some time in a treatment center for treatment of his gambling addiction (as opposed to the casinos in Vegas), I met be tempted to say he should be reinstated.
My thought is it should only take him about 20 years – or just about the same amount of time he spent denying it.
Which would make him eligible for the HOF when he is roughly 90 years old.

By the way – there really is only one person whose opinion really matters, and that is Selig himself.
And I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for him to change his view.

Pete has already done that and it hasn't worked. Pete is deserving of the Hall and there's no reason why he shouldn't be put in. There are far worse people in the Hall than Pete Rose, and far worse will get in in the future. He bet on his team to WIN not lose, so he wasn't throwing any games, if anything he was trying to win more, and as a pure competitor that he was, he was trying to win hard anyway, hence the nickname Charlie Hustle. So there was really no effect on the games and the issue is truly a moot point. Steroids, spitballs, and other forms of cheating are more serious than whatever Pete did. Lets not forget baseball is a game BASED on FOOLING the opponent. the pitcher is supposed to fool the hitter, trick the runner at first to pick him off, throw pitch outs to fool him further, use the hidden ball trick to catch him off base, throw down the phantom tag at 2nd to stop the runner from advancing to 3rd on an error, fake a throw to 3rd to stop the runner from rounding 2nd on an error, the double switch, the fake 3rd to 1st pickoff move, pretending to get hit by a pitch when you really didn't, selling a tag to an umpire for an out call, hiding the ball when tagging the runner with your glove so the ump doesn't know its in your other hand to get the out call. I can go on and on and on. All these things are FAR worse than betting on your team to win, using steroids, spitballs, scuffing the ball, corked bats (if they do indeed work), etc, and yet we sit here and actually dispute the credentials of a man's HOF merits who is named HUSTLE whos actions did not effect the game via pitching changes any other method imaginable?!?! Insane if you ask me. Crooks are already in, besides – it's the Hall of FAME, not the Hall of HONOR or Nice Guys, or Humanitarians, or War Heroes, etc. Let's keep the game on the field and the politics off of it.

Sparky had dementia. Rose might as well have confessed to the weeping Wall. There IS no redemption for him except new evidence.

Banned for life means banned for life. Period. and deservedly so…

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