Watch Now: Montage Of Tom Cruise's Best Running Scenes

Every classic movie star has their calling card: Marilyn Monroe had her skirt blown up, John Wayne swaggered, and Paul Newman had his magical baby blues.

Tom Cruise, on the other hand, just runs. Sure he has that thousand-watt "It's good to be Cruise" smile but he doesn't use it on screen as much these days. Time Magazine's video editor Valerie Lapinski has assembled a montage of some of the world's most famous Scientologist's best on-screen running scenes.

You can watch it here below.

Films highlighted in this video include War of the Worlds, the Mission: Impossible movies, Vanilla Sky, The Firm, Collateral, Minority Report, The Last Samurai, and Jerry Maguire. With the exception of Vanilla Sky these are some of the biggest hits of Cruise's career so it's nice to know he's getting paid untold millions of dollars to jog on film.

[Source: Buzzfeed]

Watch Now: Montage Of Tom Cruise's Best Running Scenes

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