What happened to Ricky Ullman? You know that kid from "Phil of the Future"?

Remember the days when Disney Channel wasn't all about people who think they can sing, fake acting, and overdone people? Yeah –> Prime example.

BackĀ  in the day, their was once a show called "Phil of the Future" starring Ricky Ullman. The hunky teen who played as a teenager, with the abilities to travel within time.

Question is, where'd he go? what happened to him?

The old days of Disney Channel, were the good days of Disney Channel. Shows like his, really need to be back on the air.

Other Shows that were on during this time:

Thats so Raven

Scooby Doo where are You

Those are just some of the great shows that were on the air, before the channel became manufactured one shall say.

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