What's Holding Up the Bones and House Renewals?

… Why in the world hasn't Fox given its reliable performers Bones and House renewals for next season? Money, duh. Fox said today that both shows are "creatively important for us," and went on to explain that the only thing holding up renewal announcements for both are contract negotiations. Have no fear, those two shows will both be back once the decimal points are in the right spot. but what about Fringe? [Assignment X]

… Football continues to rule the airwaves, and this time it's the college version of the game making its mark on the record books. last night's ESPN broadcast of the BCS Championship game between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks pulled in 27.3 million viewers, absolutely destroying the previous record-holder for most-watched cable broadcast (2009's ESPN Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Packers had 21.8 million viewers). Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks, winners of the BCS Championship solely in my imagination. [Multichannel]

Charlie Sheen is still living the Hollywood dream. He's been hanging out with porn stars (Bree Olsen, among them—go ahead and Google search her, I'll wait) in Las Vegas, and friends and family and employers say this is the last time! CBS, Warner Bros. TV, and the producers of Two and a half Men are looking for ways to keep the money pouring in save Charlie Sheen from destroying their profits his career and his life and their money-printing hit sitcom. Sheen has refused to go to rehab, and his lifestyle has disrupted the show's filming schedule several times, including one this morning. Poor Jon Cryer. [Deadline Hollywood]

… Terra Nova, Fox's big-budget small-screen Jurassic Park, is getting a huge launch on May 23 and 24 with a two-night, advanced mega-premiere. thank God we don't have to wait until September to figure out whether the show sucks! [Deadline Hollywood]

Mary Murphy is returning to So You think You Can Dance as a resident judge. my girlfriend says she's great and really makes the show, so you all must watch now. What, are you saying my girlfriend has bad taste? You sound just like her father! oh, now I get what he was saying. [Ohio.com]

… The search for a home for The Kennedys continues, following History Channel's unexpected dumping of the high-profile project. Starz and FX have both passed on the miniseries, which stars Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes. [THR]

… ABC has purchased a new comedy, and it just might win the title for best sitcom name, ever. Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 (please, please keep that title!) is about a young woman who moves to New York City and rooms with a party girl. [EW]

Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory's Leonard, will be appear in the next season of Entourage, playing himself. Well, technically a fictionalized, "tougher version of himself." [E! Online]

… Japan, I am so sorry. really, really sorry. MTV Japan has premiered Shibuhara Girls, the country's first reality series in the vein of The Hills. Next up, Kyoto Shore. [Wall Street Journal]

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