Where did giants in the bible come from?

I know some believe that the giants mentioned throughout the OT are the result of fallen angels having relations with earthly women. I have read a few articles online that deny that is possible because giants were just humans too. if that be the case, then could giants be a result of evolution? if not, than did God create two separate types of human beings? of course, these are all just hypothetical questions. I am just presenting several possibilities and asking fellow Christians(I'm a Christian and I swear this is not a question intended to spark fierce debate)to offer their thoughts on this. Thanks.

Stories of giants in the bible are found in mythologies of various cultures. So it's just a reflection of cultural mythology – nothing more.

Some races are generally taller than others. Average hight has also changed throughout history. Or it could be simple mythology like stated above

They came from the same place that the giants of Greek and Roman mythology came from. People found the bones of large extinct animals and made up stories to explain them.


The people were in general very short people during the Bible Era. the Philistines were referred to as Giants but in reality they were bigger human beings from a different genetic background.

Giants did not mean a human being that was 30 feet tall but someone who may have been 7 feet tall.

The Book of Jasher ( mentioned twice in Scripture) as well as other ancient writings also promote the idea that they are a result of fallen angels. the Book of Enoch has much to say about them also.

This is just a concept at this point. when Eve sinned God made her suffer pains during labor. when Adam sinned God made Adam suffer pain during his tilling of the ground. that is to say both were sentenced to suffer pain and labor. ( you heard it hear first). Anyway, God cast Satan and a third of the angels to the earth. So, how will God punnish them? Pain and Labor. In order for God to do this he had to make them in an earthly form (Mankind). this is how Cain was able to go out from his own people to marry into another people. they were the fallen angels. Remember this is a concept I have been working on. These are the fallen angels that married into the daughters of men.

I think the answer is in the question of where did Cains' wife come from ?? who were those *out side* people that Cain ran to after murdering his brother Able ?? Where did they come from ? Why were they *out side* the garden ?? I believe it is hidden well with in plane sight for all who WANT to see, to see . Read the book of Genesis VERY carefully, slowly and with open eyes, mind and heart… Break it down and watch the wording …. I will not say what I have found, for fear of influence over you… But, it is there….. go in peace… God bless

Numbers 13:33 (New International Version)
33 we saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). we seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them."

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