Why is the Green Lantern So Popular?

I noticed in the top graphic novels, comics, manga, what ever it happens to be, the Green Lantern is topping it all. my dad who grew up reading comics too, said that Green Lantern wasn't as popular as it is today. They're even making a movie for Pete's Sake!
But is Green Lantern any good to read?

"They're even making a movie for Pete's Sake!"

The movie has probably brought hype to the green lantern, who is usually overshadowed by the more popular heroes. everything will return to normal once the movie is out, which will more or less be a disappointment.

@£α Тourious : in the upcoming movies his played by Ryan Renolds, I consider the green lantern not a person but the ring that they all have.

No offense, but is he still portrayed as a black guy? if so, that's probably why.

@Hikikomori, They can be whatever you want, and good for a B class actor to get a good role. but, I can tell you now if he was in fact played by a black actor, then the movie would most definitely have more people going to see it. why do you think Obama was elected into office?

THe movie looks decent but it's being overshadowed by Marvel's many projects. I enjoyed Green Lantern when I was a kid. then he became a bit boring so DC killed him off.

Hal Jordan is the most experienced and popular GL but, during the 90s, he became a bit of a know-it all. he was a guy with a powerful ring and all the answers. Instead of rebooting him, like Byrne did with Superman, Jordan was killed off –or so we thought.

During Hal's absence, along with the absence of all the other GLs, killed by Hal, a new Green Lantern appeared, Kyle Rayner, with no experience and no clue or knowledge of how to operate a power ring. This made Kyle a very interesting character because he now has one of the universe's most powerful weapons and no clue how to use it. It makes for interesting stories. he was pushed into accepting his role as a hero when his girlfriend was murdered and left in a refrigerator.

During this period of time, the Justice League cartoon –a spinoff of Batman/Superman Animated– aired. the Green Lantern on this show was John Stewart. Some were not happy about John appearing in the Justice League cartoon. I liked John's portrayal in the show and the idea that Bruce Timm didn't want another "Super Friends" show. Putting more females and non-whites on the team, made it a bit more interesting.

Fast forward about 15 years. Kids who grew up on Hal, were now adults and wanted their hero back. DC brought Hal back from the dead and slightly changed his personality, making him a bit more cocky and a bit of a lady's man. he was also one of the few who wasn't spooked by Batman (he once knocked Batman on his azz –for grabbing his arm).

It was a good change, if they would dare bring him back. before, all the DC heroes were just carbon copies of Superman. They were more like 1950s parents, always leturing. This made them boring to the new generation of readers. Marvel heroes were easier to relate to. Spiderman had girlfriend problems. the members of the Fantactic 4 bickered among themselves. Namor was always after Reed's girl. This was real stuff. the DC heroes barked orders and always had all the answers.

With readers losing interest, and jumping on Marvel's bandwagon, DC needed to change things. That, along with the combination of more adult readers wanting their original heroes, lead to bringing back Hal Jordan and even Barry Allen, the Silver-age Flash. Personally, I liked the diversity offered by the JL cartoon. I liked the military minded John Stewart and the young Wally West Flash. I also liked the addition of Hawkgirl, instead of Hawkman.

Besides the movie, another thing that makes Green Lantern so popular is that adult readers read longer. They remain "kids" for longer parts of their lives. the success of the Marvel movies might also have a lot to do with it. Superhero movies are more popular than ever.

I remember seeing the first Fantastic Four movie. Coming out, I saw three middle-aged Black women coming out of the movie. They were obviously in their 50s and they were discussing the characters as if they'd been reading about them for years. I hope no small-minded person will make a race issue of this but you have to admit how unusual that is. I've NEVER met a middle-aged Black woman who ever showed even the most remote interest in ANYTHING related to superheroes.

I think the time is right for heroes like Green Lantern. I think it's mainly because of the popularity of other movies. Marvel has had many of it's popular characters on screen. Look at the popularity of the Ironman movies. I'm sure they never expected it to be that big. I don't get into box office numbers –they only benefit the execs– but I think most people were surprised at how close Ironman was to Batman.

Green Lantern's time is now.

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