WORLD INFO: Kate Gosselin was spotted taking out the trash at her home

Inf photo,Kate Gosselin was spotted taking out the trash at her home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania Sunday — a day before her 36th birthday on Monday.

The Dancing with the Stars vet got an early jump on the birthday celebrations with a trip to the big Apple last week, including a dinner at upscale restaurant STK in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

The part that makes people sick is the fact that these kids are going to have serious problems from this intense media exposure. Common sense will tell you that every mistake they make will also make the news.

LOL didnt you mean to say Kate G IS TRASH ??????? lol lol We KNOW the truth Radar…lol she wasnt expecting this pic………she didnt call the paps THIS time……. the BASSET HOUND look…..NOT appealing…..

If you don't like her, then don't watch Kate plus 8 or search out articles about her just to gripe about her. Sblack if you get physically sick, then see a doctor or turn the channel!!!!!!!!!!!! Drama queen!

After seeing the kids are seriously affected by the media exposure, I do question how TLC execs rationalize using them when they have other great shows that could be expanded. I and so many others will be so happy when they pull the plug on Kate.

I don't know what u THINK u're seeing, I question how u can say the kids r "seriously affected" unless u r an insider – otherwise, it's lame speculating. :) u're just a hater as is evident by all ur comments.

TLC has come up with the best in TV including Cake Boss and Kitchen Boss. They should know there are still people afraid to tune into TLC in case Kate or her show are shown! Leave these poor kids alone.

I am still amused and puzzled by the fact TLC is continuing to film Kate and her children. It's as though they have no idea that their audience gets physically sick at the mere mention of her name.

If you or some viewer is getting physically sick watching Kate plus 8, then maybe you or this viewer need to turn the channel. Dramatic much!

Hope you have a super Birthday, Girl! you deserve it! eight big hugs coming your way! those kids are so lucky to have you as their mom, as you are lucky to have them as your kids!

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