The Office Meme

Don’t you just get annoyed by Mondays? Do you have what is very well known as the “Case of the Mondays”? or are you one of those people who just wants to kill anyone who claims to have a “case of the Mondays”? if you want to stab someone when you hear that expression let me tell you that’s an actual disorder which is recognized in the big book of psychiatry, the DSM-V. That’s what my doctor said, but he gave me a day off from work so it doesn’t matter.

Now, seriously, if you are one of those persons who is not so much into going to work, then you should really check out the newthe office meme. Last Wednesday, a bunch of people decided that The Office Thoughts meme week should start and, ever since, they have been uploading all kind of funny stuff from the show. These memes have gone viral. 

The main thing about the office is that it portrays and captures the essence of being a 9-5pm worker. So, the thoughts on the character’s mind are pretty real and we all feel identified with them. So, if you are going through a Case of the Mondays, be sure to check these memes right away!