what is the doomsday clock

For those out there who don’t know about it, the doomsday clock is now updated for three minutes after midnight. This may be the first time that the clock is set so near to the apocalypse since the bomb of hydrogen was tested. what is the doomsday clock?

In the year 1945, the atomic bomb changed our world forever. In fact, it changed science and the way we approach it. This bomb is the one thing that can destroy the human race and make it vanish. So, scientists from the bomb’s project (a.k.a “The Manhattan Project”) found it necessary to raise awareness on how nuclear weapons can wipe off humanity by setting a clock which measures the real damage humanity is doing to itself. 

The main idea behind the doomsday clock is to raise awareness of humanity and the multiple ways in which we are destroying the race day by day. Scientists want people to know that we, as a race, are responsible for taking care of our planet and, if we threaten it with nuclear weapons and by damaging our environment, then we will inevitably disappear from Earth.